About this blog

This is a place where I share thoughts and ideas about the world around me. There are many things I find fascinating, frustrating, thought provoking or worthy of further discussion and debate. Often times there is no real medium to share my ideas, as I am at the mercy of others to broach the topic before it would be considered polite for me to expound on my thoughts. Hijacking public topics for my own narrow goals seems to me to be rather crass and self serving. What better way to solve this problem that starting my own blog? At least here the narcissism is safely tucked away, and only those who volunteer to come here will have to suffer. Here I control the topic and direction of the discussion, and here I may pontificate to my hearts desire with no real worry of inconveniencing anyone at all.

And the price for my soapbox? Well that’s simple, anyone who cares to hear me can. What I publish here is public. I open up these aspects of my life to the public because I am interested in debate; I wish to refine my ideas, hone my arguments and in general better myself. It is through debate and trial that our ideas become stronger, our philosophy more refined and our will and faith better able to survive the trials of a hostile world. If we hide our beliefs, bury them away where no one can get to them, then how will we know they will support us in our darkest moments? When the hordes of chaos come, in whatever form they may take, will our reason hold?

What are the primary topics of this blog? Well that’s simple: whatever i feel like talking about. Subjects will range from the big three of religion, politics and economics, to specific issues like race, laws, household finance, abortion, media bias or any number of other topics. I also plan on talking about hobbies I like, such as guns an knives, reading and games (PC). Basically I will talk about whatever I damn well please, and you are welcome to join me or not, as you see fit.

With all that said, there will be a few rules:

1. Opposing ideas will be tolerated, and if you disagree I encourage you to respond, but name calling and rudeness will not be. If your counter argument is to call names I will make an example of you, however I see fit. Whether that is deleting your post or posting it on the front page for ridicule is my call. What you post here is mine to use as I see fit.

2. My posts are mine, and while I give permission to use them in part or in full,  all I ask for is a link back to the original post, and a mention that I appreciate comments. I reserve the right to revoke that permission for any reason at any time without any notice, and to do so selectively, capriciously, with favoritism and malice, etc etc.

3. These are not all the rules. I reserve the right to change the rules, add new ones, or make them up on the spot and not even bother to put them on this list. If you don’t know the rules that is not my problem. This is my space, for my own purposes, and if you don’t like it make your own damn blog and write about it there.

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