Hello and Welcome

Hello and welcome  to my new blog. Things are still getting set up at the moment, and I admit that I am a bit new to this whole blogging thing so this place will probably be in state of flux for a while. I am hoping to get a few posts up that will give you a general idea of what to expect in the future, and let you know what type of person I am. It would be hard to put that all down into one introduction post. A lot of that content I will be pulling from other places I have posted it before, and a lot of what I say here will have been said before by people better at it then I am. My only real hope is that what I have to say is interesting enough to spark some comments and debate. This blog is really my first serious foray into having my own personal web space. I will now be able to post a URL in that little box when I comment on other blogs or sign up to a forum. We will see how that goes.

I’m not really sure where this little endeavor is going to take me, but I look forward to finding out. If you find me interesting enough, you are welcome to join me, the company is always appreciated. This is a little window int my world, please enjoy.